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Forced marriage. Should I run away?


Assalam alaikum,
I am being forced into marriage by my family. I don’t want to marry as currently I am not mentally and emotionally prepared for it. I have tried to make them understand in every way possible but they are not understanding. They took away my laptop and phone for about a month. They stopped me from going for the job. They eliminated all my social connections so that I should focus on marriage. Too much psychological and emotional pressure is being created. My mother is not keeping well so I agree to marry reluctantly. But I know that even if I will get married forcefully I won’t be able to give the person his due rights nor will allow him to touch even my finger. This may lead to divorce.
I have told everything to my family but they are not understanding. I don’t want to ruin someone else’s life to whom I will be married. I would have committed suicide if it was not prohibited. My family knows this. Is running away from home in this case allowed in Islam?


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

best solution to your Situation would be to speak to your local Aalim and or an elderly who your parents will listen to.  Because, according to the Islamic laws Nikah without the consent of the girl is Void. Meaning, it will not be considered as a Nikah.
your parents must know of the same.

on a side note, if the suitor has no issues as such and is someone whose qualities are such that you would consider marrying in the future, then you must seek counseling yourself. Marriage is good, and brings along a lot of other goods. Pressure and stress is bad and it must be taken care of regardless.

running away has a lot of issues that will trail behind. Especially unhappiness of your parents. And without a doubt, one will encounter more misery than anticipated.

please seek immediate help.