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I dont want my dua to be neglected.


I want something badly and it is very difficult to get that but i have faith in Allah. I have prayed a lot. But now when I pray tears doesn’t come out of my tears. Why is so even though I still want that badly more than everything. I don’t want my dua to be neglected.


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.

I will mention some of the points here with the links where you can read about it in detail.

Why Allah Doesn’t Answer Dua?

“I reply when they ask me” [“Call upon Me, I will answer you”(40:60)], the replying actually is for you and I to introspect the purpose of life and to align ourselves according to the will of Allah so, for example, if I go into sujood, I say O Allah I want this gorgeous, beautiful woman that I can feel very, very happy. But my life is indecent, my attitude is indecent, and my dream is to have this gorgeous wife so that I can parade her in public.

The intent of what I’m going to do with the spouse is problematic. Hence, Allah does not reply me. And if Allah does reply me, it’s a punishment. Allah mentioned in the Qur’an. Do not be thinking that when I have given them wealth, it’s a reward, it’s a punishment, and I give them more and punish them even more so sometimes you get something you asked for and you wish you never had and it becomes a curse on you.

So you and I, the best form of prayer is to align the will of Allah in our hearts and to seek Allah what do you want from me? What do you want me to do? How do you want me to be in your service that you are pleased with me such that any prayer I seek from you, you reply with instantaneous results. In all these conversations we say O Allah I keep praying to you, but you don’t answer me.

Look in the mirror. Maybe there’s something wrong with you. That’s why your answers, your prayers are not getting answered when we’re looking for a spouse. Because all I want this perfect. But we are so difficult. We’re so arrogant that the minute somebody worthy comes in our lives. No, no, no. I can’t accept this one. This one’s not rich. This one’s not handsome. This one not beautiful. No, no, no.

A person once, complaining to the Commander of the Faithful (a.s.) about his prayers not being answered, said: Despite the fact that Allah (s.w.t.) has said “Call upon Me, I will answer you”, why is it that when we supplicate to him, He does not answer our prayers?
The Imam (a.s.) replied:

إِنَّ قُلُوبَبُکُمْ خَانٍ بِثَمٌنِيَةِ خِصاَلٍ.

“Your hearts (and thoughts) have been unfaithful with respect to eight things (and this is the reason your prayers go unanswered).”

1. You have acquired the cognizance of Allah (s.w.t.) but you do not fulfill what is due to Him; consequently your cognizance of Him has not benefited your state!

2. You have brought faith upon His Messenger but (later) went on to oppose his customs; where then is the yield of your faith?

3. You have read His book but have not acted upon it; you stated: “We have heard and we obey”, but then rose up in opposition to it!

4. You say: “We fear Allah’s punishment”, but perpetually perform acts that lead you closer to it.

5. You claim to be covetous of Allah’s reward however you continue to perform acts that lead you away from it.

6. You consume Allah’s bounties but do not extend thanksgivings to Him.

7. You have been ordered to be Shaytan’s enemy (whereas you sketch plans to befriend him); you claim to be his enemy but, in practice, you do not oppose him.

8. You place into great scrutiny the faults of others but conveniently disregard your own; with such a state of affairs, how do you expect your prayers to be answered when you yourself have shut its doors? Be pious, rectify your deeds and enjoin the good and forbid the evil so that your prayers are answered.”

This meaningful tradition explicitly states: “Allah’s promise to answer the invocations of a supplicant is not absolute, but conditional – the condition being that you should fulfill your own pledges and covenants; however the reality is that you have broken your pledge in eight ways. If you were to put an end to these, your prayers would be answered.”

We conclude that if our Duas are not accepted can be either because of our deeds or because the thing what we are asking is not appropriate for us at that particular time. Allah(swt) is All-Wise, has infinite power and capability of giving, and He knows the best when to give us. So, one should pray and leave the rest on Him, if Allah(swt) wants He would accept our prayers at the same time or fulfill our Dua at it’s appropriate time. Therefore, we shouldn’t get disheartened if the Duas are not accepted at the same time of asking. And at times the thing what we are asking is not appropriate Allah(swt) will not accept, but on our end, we think we really need to have it. Remember, that He knows the best.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider