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Advice to a Revert Sister


A salaamu Alaikum. I am a reverted sister from South Africa. I am married or at least hoping I am married to an Egyptian man. Our nikah was not done in a mosque and was just a piece of paper signed by 2 witnesses. I love Islam I love my Deen but I have this fear in my heart that something is not right pertaining our marriage. I am so fearful that Allah SWT punishes me for living in sin with my husband. I further more have this nagging feeling his family does not accept me maybe because we are not really married?. I have no property no money of my own and are looking for answers. At time I feel something is not right My husband has property but we don’t live in our own flats. He has his first wife in the one which he says they r divorced now for 5 years still maintain g her. The other flat has a Tennant. He asked her to look for alternative accommodation cause we need our flat she refused point blank caused a huge problem by phoning his brother were upon I overheard Allah forgive me for listening to the conversation that me I his wife is nothing more than a hostess here in egypt it’s a term used for a prostitute. Also my sons will not be allowed to visit me. I am so hurt so confused. It’s Ramadan and it feels like I am being thrown from pillar to post. I cry uncontrollable every day it’s so bad that I can’t even focus on reading my salaah. Am I naive. Am I stupid am I an idiot for giving up everything to live a life of peace that turned into a war zone. I have no friends I am not allowed to even go for a cup of coffee due to this drama in this family. I wear niqab because we’re I walk men stare and it creates problems with my husband that he ignores me for days. Pse help me. Regards and duas Jameelah



Thank you for your question. As long as the Islamic marriage formula was pronounced it doesn’t matter where the marriage took place. Marriage is not supposed to adversely effect your quality of life and so something needs to be addressed but this is not possible in an internet enquiry. Unfortunately, some converts do get into less than perfect relationships due to their good opinion of all Muslims, but Muslims, just like any other community have good and bad depending on how much they adhere to their religion.

May you find the best solution to your situation.