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I do not wish to wear Hijab anymore as it was forced on me


I am 18 years old. Since I was 9 years old, my dad has made me wear hijab everywhere. I didn’t feel as if I was ready to start wearing it at that age and my dad’s constant ridicule over me not wanting to wear it and not allowing me the freedom to even choose what types to wear, has quite honestly turned me away from ever wanting to wear it. I understand that it is wajib but I truly do not want to wear it because of my rough past with it. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to wear it but I don’t want my dad to hate me either.


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

Sorry to hear about your childhood ridicules. I hope you’re able to come over them and do the best for yourself and InshaAllah your own children some day.

Hijab is, as you mentioned, obligatory and that there is no exception to it. If you want to take it off just because you do not have happy memories with it, then you are drawing a wrong conclusion. It is the behavior of enforcing it on you in a harsh way ( instead of it coming with love and understanding) is the bitter part of it. Hence, it is the behavior you should be treating and not shunning the obligation. For this I will suggest you seek some counseling and speak to some good people who can also discuss the logic and benefit behind hijab.

Also, it is important to take care of your parents happiness over you, but whats more important here is that you are going against someone who has created you. Take a moment and think; we weren’t consulted before being brought here, nor are we asked if we wish to leave the world or not?! and while in the world, He sent for us rules and regulations to follow for our own good. Allah left us with choice so that we can willingly choose our paths. and here we are, so helpless and constantly needing His mercy, but yet we choose to stand against?.
These words needs some more explanation and guidance to be fully absorbed.
i’m really hoping you will take some initiative and speak to your local scholar.

Hope this was useful