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I do not wish to go for ziarat because of a misunderstanding with my husband


Askam o alykum. I am shia . Me and my husband are living together without any relation from years . We fight alot. He wants to take our son to ziarat for cure from disease. I donnot want to go with him . If i donnot go, will i commit a sin?


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

it will not be a sin but since you mentioned that your son is Ill, your presence will have two benefits: you will be able to attend to your child, and second get all the blessings from the intended Ma’asum (s) InshaAllah. (Including your child’s well being. After all, a mother’s prayer is something else).

also, since your child is unwell, It must be so hard on you, more so because as parents you aren’t able to do things more peacefully (as mentioned in your query), I’d suggest you find a solution to this situation so that both of you can focus on your child and other issues. This misunderstanding can cause you to over look other important things and miss out. Counseling can really help

InshaAllah all Goes well and your child fully recovers