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I do not want to live with my husband, as marriage only means compromise.


Asalamo alaikum.
My question to you is that my mother got divorce couple of years ago. We don’t meet our paternal family due to reasons. Now I got married  recently about couple of months ago with my parent’s decision. But I judge now that it’s not good for me. I can’t spend my life with him. It’s all about only compromise. But my mother is not understanding me. What should I do now .. she is only thinking that after separation no one is there to accept me as his wife .. kindly answer me as soon as possible.. I will be thankful to you.


Wa alaykum salam

Thank you for your question

Marriage is a holy knot that is tied on love and understanding. These two fundamental needs are from both the husband and the wife and not just one of them. It may be overwhelming for one or both of them to get used to, to the compromise and understanding for various reasons. However, compromise that is left on one partner makes things hard and can bring the marriage to dead ends.

I am not sure, what the problem in your marriage is so far, however, it is only a few months old. It is only fair to seek some counselling, make a good communication bridge with your husband, explain your issues and then see in a few more months or even a year. Do not jump-start with divorce. While divorce is a halal way of solving things, it is the least liked act by Allah (az) and it is kept as the last option when all the rest of the ways have failed.

I am sure that your marriage can be saved if the right efforts are put in by both you and your husband.

Make plenty of duas for a good way out of these issues. Speaking to God can immensely solve your worries and pave new paths for you.

Good luck dear sister.