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I cant stop thinking about a guy I like and want to marry?


Aslamualaikum, my names esha and im 16 yrs old so its been a couple of months now and theres this guy that i cant stop thinking about, whatvever i do go hes on my mind 24/7 hes the only guy that ive ever thought about and its been going on for a long time now. I have him on social we hardly talk to eachother obviously i really really like him he doesnt know That im not sure if he feels the same but that doesnt matter its really starting to get to me im not sure what to do hes the only thing on my mind everyday now i like him soo much like i want to marry him but i dont know if he is the right one i, at this moment i cant imagine him with anyone else it will break me at this rate im also focusing on my deen praying mentioning him in my duas ?


Salaamun alaykum.

Thank you for your question.

It is very natural for human beings to like or be attracted to another person and especially at your age but that does not mean it is always permissible to do so. Allah has taught us what is wrong and right. So we have to learn to control our feelings as well. When we have this natural instinct where we can get attracted to someone, Allah has also given us the willpower and the free will to control our feelings and our desires where we are not supposed to.
So first and foremost you should ask Allah(swt) to help you strengthen your willpower to be able to take him off your mind. You have to take the first step and Allah will help you through the way.
Secondly, you can try to distract your mind by doing things that you enjoy like reading, swimming, going out with friends,….
But this will not be possible until and unless you want it to happen.
And always pray to Allah to send someone who is best for you for this world and the next inshaAllah.

With regards,