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I cant stop my father from having wine, I feel like comiting suicide….


Asalam sir,

I have a problems with my dad, he use to take wine(sharab), I had always failed to make him understand the harmful effect but he always give me bad words, I cant explain you how much he disturbs me and its very irritating. I often think that I should attempt sucide and now he cross the line… Please help


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

You can only help a person upto a certain level.
Beyond that you’re not answerable or forced to guide anyone.
It is between your father and Allah (az)
Hence, do not put yourself through pain and agony for things that you can’t helpZ
Instead focus on life that has so much more to offer to you.
Allah is great and He has given you a chance to live and enjoy his bounties.

Regards your suicidal thoughts.. what difference will there remain between you and your father then? Drinking is haram and so is suicide.
Therefore let evil not misguide you. Be in Charge if your thoughts and life and focus on the opportunity you have at hand.
In the meantime, please seek some immediate counseling, look after yourself and pray immensely to Allah for yourself and your father.