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I am pressurized from my Family and boyfriend What should I do ?


I liked a guy and wanted to marry him but for serval reasons my parents dont want me to. If I say no the the guy he will end up harming himself or me later onwards. I have pressure from both sids. Please suggest me something where I can get relief


Wa alaykum salaam

If you think the reason your parents are giving is not valid and the boy is appropriate for you in both religious and other matters, try to convince your parents by speaking to them or ask some influential or respected person to speak to them.

Regarding the boy harming himself or you; please judge how serious his words are and will he really implement to what he says. If not, then it can be ignored. If he is serious, then take help from your family and find a possible solution.

One thing I would like to ask you , If a boy can threaten you before marriage, what can he do after?

S Taqawi.