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I am in a lot of confusion regarding my engagement, is there any Dua that can help me to be sure about my future.


My parents got me engaged at a very young age now its been 8 years since I am engaged but now often some problems come and my relationship is on the verge to break reasons are someone spreading rumors about me not to be the right girl and many more I am very confused I just want clarity so that even if I am building any feelings for that boy I should stop right there if we don’t have a future and if there is a future I should get to know about it so how can I get to find what will happen will we get married or not is their any dua or something which can help me with that I just want to get assure about what will it be like


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.

To be honest, no one can predict the future, and those who make such claim have no base  to support the claim.
However, one can certainly foretell what the outcome of a thing or action can be due to his/ her doing. This is based on the principle that Allah (az) has made, and on the basis that the entire Universe runs on: cause and effect.
one cannot expect to get other than what his actions will entail.
In your case, you will reap what you sow. Hence, try and mend all the tares and patch where you need to, to have a sound future with your husband.
However, if you leave things unattended now, you may see the consequences later on and they may come as bitter memories or failed present.
to avoid, such things, you must seek some counseling for your self and him and take it from there.
at times, little changes in life can bring about great things.

hopefully all goes well,