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I am having really weird thoughts about woman and things like that…


I am 12 and I am having really weird thoughts about woman and things like that… I love Allah so much and pray to him extra even and adore Ahlul Bayt and I cry for the arrival of the leader of our time, our awaited savior Imam Mehdi. I do haram like what I mentioned and Allah does touch my minds while I am doing it I know it is horrifically wrong and that I shouldn’t be doing it and looking at the things . I get really sad when I think about how disappointed the people I know would be in me and especially disappointed when I think of Allah and Ahlul Bayt what do I do? I need to change now our my future is not looking good. Thank you brothers and sisters


Alaykum Al-Salam

First Calm down! It is not something weird. It is part of natural human evolve. it is important how you face it. It is the engine for the continuation of the human race and heats up love between husband and wife. it is important to know you are not alone and it is natural.
The second is how you face it. You must control your thoughts by controlling your physical body. first control what you are seeing and watching. watching movies provokes your sexual sensation and unknowingly you give your gaze to the actress with all the makeup which is designed for taking all your attention.
Second, be careful about your clothes and your underwear. it must not be tight and silky. try to have cotton clothes.
Third, sports and physical activities help you to control your thoughts and boost your health.
Fourth, try no to be alone! If you are going for a shower, make it as short as you can. do not use the bathtub. wash yourself as you are standing up. do not go to
bed unless you’re really tired
fifth, do not go to the internet unless you have an agenda. Web surfing without purposes leads to the wrong path.
The last one is watching your food. spicy and oily food triggers your sexual thoughts.

Best regards
AAA under the guidance of Sayyid Madani