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I am forced by my inlaws to take oath to prove myself


I am the wife of elder son in the family.Me ,my husband ,my brother in law,my 3 kids used to live together for 6 years,very peacefully and nicely.Than he got married and his wife came to live with us.I always treated her like my little sister and she also made me believe that she is like my little sister. If we had any issues,I used to tell her straight away to avoid misunderstandings .We discussed so many things,shared things.she used to ask me about my in-laws as I lived with them for 9 years.thanmybhusband had financial issues and he was looking after everything alone,rent groceries,bills.than with mutual understanding they started to live with my husband’s sister.than everything was normal again..after some time I started to notice ,when I was visiting them,they not talking to me,avoiding and  ignoring me…I was very confused.My husband’s sister is kind of dominating in nature.When I investigated it I came to know that my sister in law back bites about me,she had spread false rumours about me,lied so many things.Whatever general conversation we used to have when she lived with us ,she used it.Now everybody is against me except My husband as he has complete trust on Me. She broke my trust.I know so many things about her but I never thought to harm Her. She was trying to be good in front of my in-laws by making me bad and she succeed in it.I explained it in front of seniors of the family,but they are forcing me to take oath for these things. I am in confusion as she used all my general conversations against me. Inever meant to harm anyone,I always told her that how much I love my in-laws. I am very scared of the situation now as I was involved in the general conversations but she used me. Now how to defend for it.I am very stressed and it’s affecting my 3 kids and husband…please let me know what to do.thanks


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your question

Your situation can be quiet distressing, more so because you really care for you in-laws and love them.

Sister, life is a journey of learning, and at times you come to cross roads where you don’t know what road to take on. But know one thing in life that intentions really count.

The holy prophet (s) says: إِنَّمَا الأَعْمَالُ بِالنِّيَّاتِ
Meaning : acts are judged according to intentions .

Hence, rest assured, that if your intentions were clean, they will show some day. You only need some time and it will tell.

The good side of the entire thing is that your husband is with you and he fully believes in you. Hence, make sure not to ruin your internal immediate family peace and try your best to tie your husband and kids with this tranquility. This will keep you happy and you will be able to focus more on the real aim and goal of life.

As for your sister in law, She got what she intended, but know that such plots don’t last and that Allah despises such acts. It will be quiet wrong for you to do exactly what she did to you. Because then there won’t be any difference between the two of you. However, it doesn’t mean you should keep quiet against accusations. Defend yourself but simultaneously it shouldn’t cost you your peace and love of your own little family

Hope all goes well
As Allah (az) says in the holy Quran: “after every difficulty there is ease”
so InshaAllah be patient and ask Allah for constant help.

Hopefully it passes by quickly without damage.
Best wishes