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I am Falling into Kufr…….



Please dont shun me I need help/ advice bigly.I fallen into kufr akbar (or worse hypocrisy),I am no longer able to pray my swalaat in jamaah or on time. At time I neglect till even the time is well over. I know that salah is obligatory and continuously I make the intention to start doing them seriously but often and again neglect out of laziness, indolence or being wrapped up in stuff. Help me I know what I do is wrong, but I am not being able to break the cycle of this. I do not want to die as a non-Muslim but I am still unable to make the effort to do the minimum required to stay in the fold.


Al-Salam Alaykum

Don’t worry! it is a phase. it would pass soon Inshallah.  If you follow these steps it would help:

1- try to set a timer which repeat every 20min after Adan. it would keep reminding you and you would not forget. then try to reduce the time. (depend on your situation the distance of the reminder can be longer or shorter)

2- try to satisfy your needs before the time of Adam. For example at the time of Adan you must not be hungry. have your lunch before or a snack.

3- set a timer for when the one third of the time of Salah is passed and promise yourself that  you won’t postponed your prayer at any cost.

We find it wise to mention that it is always the first attempt that is tough. After that inshaAllah, it will become easier. Take one salah time at a time. Don’t think about what other things are to follow. That can be daunting. Just Concentrate on that one time of Salah and take that first step. InshaAllah, in no time you will be a regular.

best regards!
AAA under the guidance of Sayyid Madani