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Hysterectomy in Islam


Assalamu alaykum, My friend has 2 kids, a boy and a girl. She is currently pregnant with another girl. She is now thinking of getting a hysterectomy after having the 3rd child. She has discussed with her husband and have both agreed on this. She has no medical conditions that will affect her if she was ever to get pregnant again, but they both don’t feel like having any more children. What is the ruling on this?


Salaam. Thank you for your question.

Rule 4: It is permissible to have one’s tubes tied (Tubal Ligation – Tubectomy) to prevent pregnancy as long as this procedure is temporary (reversible) and would not lead to a woman being permanently unable to conceive nor would this act cause any sort of life-threatening conditions. In addition, once the tubes have been re-opened, she would once again have the ability to conceive. In other than this scenario, it would not be permissible to perform the Tubectomy.

It is permitted to employ birth control methods, keeping in mind the following three conditions:

1) The procedure does not damage the (sexual) organ nor would it lead to permanent sterilization.

2) The husband approves of the use of birth control.
3) The procedures that would be employed for birth control and placing the device related to it (inside the person) would not involve the performance of a forbidden (haram)act.

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