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Husband wants to marry the women he loved before.


Assalam Alikum.
I married 6 years ago.. We were happily married.. Before our marriage My Husband was committed to someone else.. But she refused to marry him.. And she married her cousin who lives in UK.. We were very happy in our lives But suddenly some days ago My husband got to know that she(ex) was in trouble, from that time.. She also married someone else for the second time but unfortunately her marriage dint work well.. So My husband wants to marry her.
But I cant bear this.. This is death for me because he loves me a lot.. And I cant share him.. And this marriage will make lots of trouble in our life, as well as her life .. I spoke to that lady.. She understands me.. And she is not in contact with my Husband.. But now I am very confused that What should I do???


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

It is indeed very difficult for you to see your marriage break like this. I will ask you to speak to him and convey your pure love and the concerns you have with the issue as well.

Islam may allow man to marry 4 wives but it has a lot of strict restrictions and conditions for it too. And infact, if a second marriage is resulting into the breaking of the first marriage than this marriage is not advices at all.

I will ask you to convince him to get some advice from a scholar on this. No scholar will happily advice to break his first marriage.

Also, since you’re in touch with lady herself and she said ‘she understands’ then you can humbly ask her to say no to your husband and keep away from him.
This will reduce you the trouble of worrying so much especially if she really means that she understands.

Make plenty of dua especially ziarat Ashura for 40 days and also give charity in the name of Allah

InshaAllah goes well