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husband want sex with wife during periods


Dear Sir, I want to ask question related to marriage. In wife periods day we are not allow to sex with her. But in periods day if husband want sex he will allow to rube his penis between the woman legs (& discharge) not in vagina only in legs. Please give answer in Islamic point of view. If it is not allowed then what is the fidya in Islam.

 Salaam Alaykum
459. With the exception of actual sexual intercourse with a Haaez woman, there is no harm in all other forms of courting, wooing and kissing etc.
460. Kaffara for sexual intercourse with a Haaez is gold coins weighing 3.457 grams if carried out in the early days, 1.729 grams for the middle days and 0.865 grams for the final days of the period of Hayz. For example, if Hayz lasts for 6 days and her husband has sexual intercourse with her during the 1st and 2nd days or nights, he should pay gold weighing 3.457 grams, and during the 3rd and 4th days and nights he should pay gold weighing 1.729 grams and for the 5th and 6th days and nights he should pay gold weighing 0.865 grams.
461. If it is not possible to pay in gold coins, he should pay its equivalent value. And if the price of gold has undergone a change at the time he wishes to pay the Kaffara to the poor, as compared with the time when he had sexual intercourse, he should pay at the prevailing rate.
462. If a man has sexual intercourse with his wife in the first, second and third stage of Hayz he should give Kaffara for all the three, totalling 6.051 grams.
463. If a man has had repeated sexual intercourse with a Haeez woman he should pay Kaffara upfor each time.
464. If a man realises during the course of sexual intercourse that the woman has become Haaez, he should withdraw from her immediately, and if he does not do so the recommended precaution is that he should pay Kaffara.
Regarding the question You’ve asked,you are allowed to do so.
Sukaina Taqavi.