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husband tell wife to quit job against her wishes


I have learnt that a husband can’t cause any emotional harm to his wife and he is also allowed to prevent her from work. What if the wife is doing all her duties and is working in a job that does not make her tired and goes well with Islamic Rulings but the husband decides that she should stop working. She tells him that continuing her job does.not make her tired and there is nothing islamically wrong with her job and she is doing all her duties and that quitting her job will result in her having negative wellbeing. But the husband complety refuses letting her work in a type of job. When she quits her job her wellbeing is harmed and he can see that her wellbeing is harmed alot but he refuses to let her work. In this case does the husband get a sin for the harm caused to the wife as a result of his constant refusal for complety ignoring the wife’s wish to work and refusing an work arrangement she offers?
Considering the the wife is actually doing all her duties, I trustworthy, wishes to work few hours a week, her job has nothing that contradicts Islamic teachings and her not working has alot of harm to her wellbeing as she finds work very essential to her wellbeing because she had to study hard to get the job (such as being a doctor or pharmacist) and her work keeps her engaged and focused on all aspects of life.


Wa-Alaykum Assalam Wa Rahmtu-Allah,

In the Name of Allah, the All-Beneficent, the All-Merciful.

Please see The Duties of Women for the answer to your question.

Sayyid Samer Hakim