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Separate Portion For Wife


Salams! Can you please quote a hadith with reference according to which a Muslim women can ask for a separate portion or house from her husband. Thanks


Waalaykum salam

I wish your Question was more precise than just asking for a hadith on the topic. Because it can be approached from many perspectives.

There is no independent hadith in regards to the subject.

Although the following hadith, and the like, encourage a husband to make sure his wife is under ‘ease’ and that he should strive to provide the best for her, but under two conditions:

1- Ability: if he is able to provide a better place for his wife and family then he should definitely do so. For instance, if he is able to buy a 100 metre house, and is currently living in a smaller place, then he should for sure go for the bigger place.

2: Status: it should be something that falls under his status and that of his wife. If she comes from a well off family and husband posses the capacity to provide for her and look after her in the same manner, then it’s highly encouraged for him to do so.

Prophet Mohammad (saww): “He is not among us, who has been bestowed with abundance, and he deprives his family from it”.

– (mustadrak Al wasail, vol 15, Pg 256)