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Husband saying I’m not his wife



I was raped at age 18 and had a baby because my family didn’t let me believe in abortion as it was a sin and anyways at age 20 I got married but before getting married I told my husband about it and he accepted me saying he was ok with my past. Now he said he saw some online posts from scholars that if a lady had sex before marriage and had a baby she is automatically that persons wife and he says I’m not his wife and I said it’s not possible because we’ve had our nikkah but he doesn’t listen saying that what Islam is and that I’m not his wife and that I can’t be. He doesn’t listen. Please help me tell me the ruling because how’s that even possible especially when that person raped me and wasn’t even a Muslim.

Please help me.


Waalykum salam
Sorry to hear about your situation.

May Allah help you through the traumatizing experience you had and it’s effects.

So, for a woman to be known as a man’s wife, a Nikah has to be recited. Nikah is the wordings that are said in proper Arabic and for a girl who is a virgin, she has to have her father or paternal grandfathers permission otherwise the Nikah is void.

Hence, a woman who is raped does not become the perpetrator’s wife…
According to Islamic laws, he is a criminal and he must be prosecuted and punished for it.

Above links are for further read on marriage for your husband and yourself.

InshaAllah all goes well.
Please make plenty of dua for yourself and him.
Also make Sure that he is listening to some authentic content of Islamic laws.

In my duas