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husband not sharing time with kids


My name is Aliya fatima hussain my husband name is samar afzal hussain i have 3 kids 2 girls 1 boy we have 7 years of marriage i really need help about my husband he has mashallah everything but he just very selfish aggressive does not listen to me not even spent time with his kids just living his life i’m so afraid to grow up good my kids cause he doesn’t give his time please tell me about any dua which is help thank you


Waalykum salam Sister.

Thank you for your Question

It is indeed very crucial for children to have their father over them who apart from providing their necessities also provides love and emotional support.

It is going to be very beneficial if you got some counseling for yourself and him, and together as a couple.
If you feel that he is not the kind that will go for one, then your first best way would be to make this communication bridge and slowly put this forward as to how much the kids love him and want to spend time with him. This may help him realize and understand that he has been missing out on his growing children.
You will also have to be more creative and slowly involve him to doing things. Mind you, this process is slow and will require Skills, time and patience from yourself.

If you try the above method and it doesn’t work then you may want to seek help From a local scholar or an elderly that he will listen to.
This approach will help you send the message across that yourself and the kids need him to be more available for the family.

In the meantime,I can suggest The following for you:
1- Speak to Allah abundantly and ask HIM to sort this for you. This will help you vent out your worries and give you inner strength to keep on trying.
2- Give charity, as it removes hurdles and problems
3- recite Salawat in plenty
4- Recite dua no.25 from Sahifah al-Sajjadiyah (s). In This dua Imam al-Sajjad (S) is asking for all the possible things a person may need for his children. And InshaAllah your husband will eventually realize his distance.
5- Recite Dua no. 18 and or 21 from the same. (Kindly read the translation too to know what you’re asking from Allah (az)).

I hope this gets solved for you and you’re able to enjoy Each other and raise good children.

Kind regards,
Naajiya Jaffery