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Husband Meeting His Illegitimate Son


My husband wants to start a relationship with his illegitimate son who is 31 yrs old. We have been married for 26 years and have blessed with children who are all married now. The marriage hasn’t be an easy marriage, my husband has always been weak. He knows what the Sunnah saying about linage law’s but despite all the know he wants to claim his son. I asked him not to see him behind my back as this would cause humiliation for myself and not to risk our 26 years of marriage and not put our children’s threw this humiliation either. I did say to him I would want a divorce because I could not handle the steps that come with this relationship. Mixing with illegitimate son’s mother, rekindle old flames, reunion dinners, the illegitimate son’s wedding. The birth of the illegitimate son’s children, as the illegitimate son loves alcohol. I have asked for a divorce as my husband as going to continue to see him behind my back, he has already exposed us by showing him our family pictures and wants to continue this relationship with him. What are my rights now as his wife?


Salaamun Alaykum

Thank you for your question. Although an illegitimate child has no rights to maintenance or lineage, there is no problem in having a relationship with them especially if that relationship can lead to their guidance and their choosing the path to success. If an illegitimate child has children through legitimate means (i.e. getting married) their children are considered legitimate. If you still feel like you cannot bear this situation then please see the link below for further clarification on your rights and responsibilities when it comes to the issue of divorce: Divorce and Mahr
May you always be successful.