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Husband Inviting Towards Evil


I got married in 2014, from then itself I started experiencing problems with my husband.. he always forces me to have drinks and join him to pub.. I follow Islamic rules strictly.. my family also.. but I noticed that my husband is not perform salah from the first day itself.. all these drained me but I was in a bad sittuation where I couldn’t share anything to my parents or anyone else.. since if my parents knows all these, they are going to be hurt severely.. I thought it’s better to sacrifice than to hurt my parents… Now a days I feel really bad.. and whenever I oppose him, life is bad.. otherwise life is really good.. he did flirt chats with Many of my friends also..!! I happened to see all those.. but now I feel I was patient much more than required.. I feel a draining off now..!! What am I supposed to do.. I tried a lot.. holded on and became patient a lot… I have a girl child..

Assalamu alaykum
Sorry to hear about your experience. It is definitely very hard to go through what you are and you have been very very patient indeed.
If you have a good communication  with your husband then you should be able to convey your  unhapniess in a very soft and polite way. You don’t  necessarily have to scream or be loud when conveying this. The later could only escalates your issues further. You could first start your easy and loving trait over most conversation, and when the time comes you can tell him about the major issue you are having.
You could also ask how he would feel if your daughter married someone who drunk or went to pub!?! (May allah protect her from such mishaps and bless her with a wonderful future, ameen). This can be a real eye openener, but again make sure you have the right tone and time to speak to him.
If this doesn’t work, I’d suggest you speak to a counselor or an elderly who is influential on your husband, he can then intermediate and put forward your concern in a very nice way.
Also, don’t forget to make dua for him, yourself and your lovely daughter. Make sure you tell Allah about all your concerns. Surely HE knows everything but telling HIM will put you at ease, give you  strength and also change things.
I’m praying that your issues are resolved.