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Husband has insecurity issues



Please help me, I am Alhumdulillah 4 months pregnant My problem is with my husband and his insecurities, We married 5 months ago. My period started so we wait for a week before consuming our marriage but we couldn’t because my husband ejaculated before we started I kept it hidden and told his sister everything went ok, after that he tried 4,5 time again but couldn’t do it finally after one month he manage to do it but only till entering and than ejaculate it hurts every time so my husband promised me to get Medical help, after that I became pregnant doctor told not to do any physical activities that after check up doctor and daayi told me not to do anything or else it will harm baby my husband agreed to it that time but time to time he demand to have intimacy I told him, No because my health was not ok and he couldn’t do it anyway, so it was going to hurt a lot, my doctor told to sleep alone on charpayi because I was having trouble sleeping on bed but now my in laws and especially his brother is insisting to get me to sleep on same bed he kept saying to my husband I don’t love him that’s why I am sleeping alone now my husband isn’t talking to me he isn’t listing to me anymore, he’s behaving differently, he’s saying if Allah want our child to be born than nothing will happen even if we don’t listen to doctor and have intimacy or else he’s asking for separation he doesn’t believe me that I love him, if I didn’t love him then why I stayed him In the first place why I didn’t tell anyone about his condition?
Please help me, am I wrong? I don’t want divorce I want a happy life with my husband and baby but I am unable to do anything. My health won’t allow it
Please guide me what to do Please.


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

I’m sorry to hear about your tensed situation. In your situation, you should be happy and less stressful

It Is quiet ok for a pregnant woman to have intimacy with her husband. Unless there is a medical threat to her or her child.
Physical relation is important for husband and wife and especially men.
A woman must sleep with her husband because apart from intimacy there are other physical pleasure that they can obtain from one another.
Hence, if you really have a sensitive pregnancy where the intimacy can be a threat, you can still enjoy one another in many different ways.

Please recheck with your doctor again and change your life style accordingly.

I will suggest you move to sleep with your husband and enjoy each others presence.

InshaAllah your baby comes healthy and safe.
And Allah bless your marriage