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My Nikah & My Rights


I have a question about Nikah therefore if my husband has said to me one to many times il give u talaq, is my nikah than broken and if it is does he need to pay me and than renew the nikah ??

Secondly he does not give me my rights as a wife e.g financial support and money for my expense and does not have any care for me or my children also we have not been together in bed for 3 months now and he wants to divorce??


Alaykum Salaam

Your nikah is not broken unless he gives you talaq by reciting the talaq
formula in the presence of two witnesses.

If he does not give you your rights you can ask a Scholar for divorce, but
it is best to ask the scholar to counsel your husband so that he can
understand his responsibilities Inshallah.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer