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Husband coming home late….


Assalamo alaikum,

I have a very pressing concern.
My husband used to drink, lie and cheat on me with other girls. I caught him red handed and made him face the entire family. There was an entire episode of misery and he finally gave up all that and came to the right path. Was praying and everything.

Suddenly all that has gone away but he can swear upon the quran that there are no girls and no drinking anymore. I believe him of that.
However, he still stays out reallllyyy late at night. Whenever i ask him of his return he would mention a specific time but wouldn’t return after 5 hours of that time has passed. Example, Last night he went out around 7pm and promised to return by 2am. He hadnt returned by 6:30, which was time for me to leave for work, and he showed up only when i was at the door to leave. There are many nights that i spend alone because he is busy partying with friends.
The part that annoys me most about all this is that he doesn’t own up to it. He always calls me the wrong party and calls up his sisters in Pakistan who blindly support him.
To add to the misery I’m currently also pregnant with our first child. I really don’t know how to really explain to this man who the wrong party is. Maybe a proper Hadith could help me. But I’m really in despair and highly stressed due to his and his family members’ behavior 🙁 Please help me.



Waalykum salam sister.

Sorry to hear about your situation.

I would suggest you set up a counselling session with a counselor, an adult that you both would listen to, and or an Aalim to help you out.

You should make sure that during the sessions, topics like family interference in immediate family unit, father’s presence during and after the pregancy for both mother and child, etc ate covered.

I would also suggest that you make sure you have a good communication bridge with your husband, this alone really solves half the issues.

Congratulations too on your soon coming bundle of joy. Allah swt is great, and he certainly plans everything in the best of times. I’m sure the baby will making sure That daddy is more available.

Good luck. I pray your issues are solved and baby comes fit and fine inshaAllah