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Husband cheating and brutally mishandling wife


Aoa…I have question tht if a husband cheates again and again,never admit even after giving proof and to make Wife pressurised by beating her bruitly And then say sorry every time and by doing false promises cheates again….between them there is no other issue of quarrel besides this issue…he never think single time while beating a wife a woman but hit her with full intensity and it’s been so many years….does Islam allows us to be apart…girl has been always thinking about her 2 kids n tolerated every time….but now is the limit…kindly help


Waalykum salam 

Sorry to hear about this situation.
The lady certainly needs immediate help. No woman should be tolerating domestic violence.
Also, she must see why he is cheating and what is the problem. Try and get rid of the problem and bring her life back on track.
But if he has an issue and just does it for fun, then she must get some counseling for both of them.
Speaking to someone who can offer professional advice (with more details that the lady can give directly), will help her understand and evaluate the problem.
Please she should not tolerate the domestic violence. her children are very important but it’s equally important for them to have a happy, healthy and safe mummy.

In my prayers,

Naajiya Jaffery