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husband busy making money and not giving me time


salam me and my husband are married for nearly 2 years. He goes to work at 10am and arrives at 1am most days sometimes at 11pm or 12.
He doesnt give me time and just wants to make money all the time.
Whenever I try talking to him about it he says he will try but he will just stay at work.
Is there anything I can do?


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your question.

Sorry to hear about your situation. It can be very hard not spending enough time with your spouse.

to solve this, i’d suggest you take the following measures:

1- Make sure you have a very good communication with one another. This will ensure that all your future problems will be solved and also no third person will be able to speak between you. As for now, this communication will be able to help you pour out your heart and let him know of your issues.
It has been mentioned in your query that you have told him of this and he has said he will change, but i will suggest you speak to him again. And make sure that you time your talk and use a proper tone. Do not speak to him when he is tired or when you’re angry. speak to him when you and him are both well rested and ready to communicate.

2- You may want to seek some counseling if no.1 doesn’t work.

3- You may also seek some help from an elderly or an influential person that your husband will listen to and advice him to be more available. Mind you, it should come in a polite way as he may mind you speaking about him behind is back.

4- Make loads of dua for yourself. Spaeking to Allah in plenty will help you relieve your stress and vent out your concerns.

hope all goes well with you,




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