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Husband blames wife for decrement in rizq


Assalamu Alikum my question is if husband blamed wife that my rizaq is not increasing coz of that right and truth that rizaq come in the house coz of wife? And my husband is not regular in prayers but wife pray and do dua for rizaq and barkah for family? Is this right if wife get angry with husband if he blame wife? And is that right if wife dont talk with husband coz he doesn’t pray fulll? What shall wife do if husband gets angry or threats? Pls guide me according to shariah jazakallah ho khair.


Wa alaykum salaam

There is no where mentioned in our Islamic teachings that a woman is to be blamed for the decrement of rizq.
Yes,we can blame our own actions in this matter.It is due to our wrong actions, Allah lessens our rizq and vice versa.
I think you should not let your husband blame you .Very politely and logically try to explain to him the concept of Islam regarding rizq.
You can ask an elderly person or a religious scholar to help you.
Apart from this make sure you fulfill your religious duties,keep on doing dua and leave your matters on Allah swt (tawakkul).

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Sukaina Taqawi.