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How Valid Is My Marriage?


Salam alkiyum, I am doubtful about the validity of my marriage.I also acknowledge that I have made a mistake.I fell in love.I am a convert to Islam.Over three years ago i married a brother from Pakistan. We talked for over two years before we got married. The intent was to marry to be halal talking and then go to Pakistan. This did not happen between his dad dying my health issues money issues family issues. I still have not gone.Our relationship has diminished we did not talk for 6 months. We barely talk now. He called the imam of my mosque talked to him before we got married. The imam said because i am a convert he would be my wali. I already have a son and was in relationships before. I was informed then i should be treated as a divorcee. We married over skype. He brought his friends as wittiness and asked one of his friends as a wittiness. Is my marriage valid. If it is how can i get a divorce. I see no future in this and i am aware i made a mistake.

Wa alaykum salam
Dear sister, if you are sure NIKAH was recited between you and the brother,then your marriage is valid.
Regarding your divorce,i suggest if you have the contact information of the brother,its better to ask  someone trustworthy to intervene and convince the brother to divorce you.
If this doesn’t work,you should contact your marja(mujtahid) directly or his representatives in your city .you can ask the imam of the mosque to assist you in this regards.
Dont forget to do istighfar for the mistakes you’ve done and pray,Allah is always there for His servants.He listens to them, helps them and makes things easier for them.
Sukaina Taqavi.