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Salaam alaikum

I am a 16 year old teen. I am in need of help regarding masturbation. I started masturbating since I was 13, completely unaware that I’m getting sins. By the time I got to know it was a sin, it was too late. I had become an addict and today I masturbate on daily basis. My parents also found out about this and took away my phone and stopped paying for the internet connection but in vain. I have also tried all the methods suggested by the holy Prophet of not shaving my pubic hair and not staying alone.

Sheikh this is a very big problem for me. I want to stop it any how now.

Please guide me.

Although there is no specific remedy to it, I urge you to increase your piety and taqwa.
You should also consider the potential medical and social harm of it.
Good friendship, attending religious programs, keeping yourself busy in work and sports etc are temporary solutions to it. Marriage when possible, is the only long term solution to it.
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