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how to save from evil eyes


Assalam Alaikum! I have been having issues finding a partner for marriage and every time me and my parents like a guy from his picture and when he brings a proposal to my house all of a sudden no one likes him and end up saying no. I left the decision on my parents completely. It always seems to happen that whenever I want to marry a guy somethings prevents it. So I had asked my aunt in Pakistan to find out and she found out that sihr had been done on me and my parents and apparently they need to have our picture to do the Amal and then do Sadaqa with a cow which we will go pick. And I’m already doing rokya on myself and also praying Surah Baqarah at home every day. And I have full faith in Allah SWT to help me in this difficult time.


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question,

1)Give charity every single day as this saves one from evil.
2) recite the following Ayah 7times for keeping one safe from evil eyes (Surah al-Qalam:51 & 52)
Kind regards,
Naajiya Jaffery