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How to resolve matters with my husband?


I got married almost 1 and half years ago and I have a 6 months old daughter. After five months of my marriage my husband went abroad for studies and I live with my inlaws. I’m a working woman and also my in-laws assigned me some responsibilities of home as we have joint family system. My husband never took any responsibility of me and my daughter . Now my problem is that instead of taking care of us he is asking me to give my 70% pay to my in laws. And up till now I gave them money but now I refused and he got aggressive and abusive. He is not allowing me to leave my job and use my money as well. His whole family is involved in this matter and they also tortured me like typical inlaws. Kindly guide me what should I do. Your response will be greatly appreciated.

Salam Dear Sister.
I can understand the awkward situation you must be facing but you should decide if you want to resolve and keep your marriage at the expense of this situation or not.
 This depends on the quality of your marriage and the relationship you have with your husband. Do you think you can still trust and love him despite what is going on in your life? If you think you are able to, then talk it over and explain your husband politely but firmly that it is your full right to keep and spend your own property. Try seeking some elderly advice from a community member whom you can trust. Give it some more time before taking your final decision.
May Allah guide you to make the right decision.
Salma Alavi.