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How to repent after so many sins


Asalama alaikum Brother
I am 18 years old muslim .. But i have commited so many sins
Which makes me i have lost my faith .. i stopped praying .. stopped reading quran .. after doind sins everyday it made me not praying .. i have lost my imaan .. my heart has become black … I do commit sin and ask for forgiveness that i wont do it again .. but again i do the same things which are forbidden .. and again ask for forgiveness .. this has been happening from long time .. but i couldnot feel peace something is missing .. what should i do? How should i stop myself commiting sins .. and ask forgiveness that he can forgive me .. Pleaee tell me brother i feel like i have become kafir and lost my faith


Alikum Salam

Thank You for your question

Kindly refer to the following link for your answer

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Besides the above, your problems doesn’t directly mean that Allah hasn’t forgiven you. It only means that there are somethings that you need to work on better like relations, your health etc. Make sure you work on these in the right way and InshaAllah things will change.

With thanks and regards,
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