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How to repent after so many sins


Asalama alaikum Brother
I am 18 years old muslim .. But i have commited so many sins
Which makes me i have lost my faith .. i stopped praying .. stopped reading quran .. after doind sins everyday it made me not praying .. i have lost my imaan .. my heart has become black … I do commit sin and ask for forgiveness that i wont do it again .. but again i do the same things which are forbidden .. and again ask for forgiveness .. this has been happening from long time .. but i couldnot feel peace something is missing .. what should i do? How should i stop myself commiting sins .. and ask forgiveness that he can forgive me .. Pleaee tell me brother i feel like i have become kafir and lost my faith


Alikum Salam

Thank You for your question

Kindly refer to the following link for your answer

How can I know that Allah is razi with me?

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