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What should I do?


Recently I went astray, which I regret. I got involved in things I never should have. I was seeing a guy which I have known from my middle eastern community and hung out with friends behind my mother’s back. After a while, my younger sister went on my phone while i was sleeping and took pictures of my text messages and gave them to my mom. Ever since, my life has changed. My relationship with my mom is nonexistent and no one in the house talks to me. I have turned to Allah repenting and asking for forgiveness, constantly listening to the Quran and so on. I have been in so much regret, I haven’t eaten for three days and I have lost all sense of motivation in life. I made a mistake and I don’t know how else to go about this. I feel so guilty. Does anyone have any suggestions, advice?


It’s very nice to know that you have realized your mistake and want to rectify it. Allah loves those who repent.

If your parents believe that you have regretted, I’m sure they’ll change their behavior with you.
It is your job to make them realize this, either by speaking to them yourself or asking someone to speak on your behalf.
You can also show them that you have changed through your actions by doing things that will please them.
This might not be very easy and it might take some time but if your intention is good,Allah will help you.

Sukaina Taqawi.