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How to protect myself from wrong deeds


Asalam o Alaikum, there is this boy,my colleague he proposed me and asked my hand for marriage (but he is sunni) I said no to him I told him my parents won’t agree neither do I want this.
But then too he keeps on doing this sweet stuff like texting me on and off worrying about me etc. All this things are creating a soft corner for me in my heart and my heart tricks me into believing that I love him too.No matter how hard I try to resist I end up feeling something although this is just lust I guess because I end up regretting it the next moment he wants to share pics and hearts and emoji even knowing that he is not gona marry me.I have already done many gunnah now I want to protect myself and want to stop doing this and when he talks like this I end up watching wrong clips which is not allowed in islam please guide me please I want to get on the right path.I dont know if Allah will forgive me or not?


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

I’m glad to know that you’re really trying your best to keep away from sins and that is what takes one close to Allah.

So the best way possible to keep away from this person is to avoid him completely even on social media. You see, at times this kind of attraction to another person is just Infatuation that dies down as soon as you keep away from
It. I’m sure it will be the same thing on his side. So you can try avoid him at work and most importantly on social media so that you don’t have that distraction to keep your self focused.

As for the misuse of internet and getting engaged in Haram, I’d suggest coach yourself with time on screen. Keep it away when you’re with family and try to spend more time with family when you are at home. Also avoid being alone with your screen just Incase. Keeping busy helps hence You may want to find a new hobby.
At times these feelings are just like bottled up energy, release it by exercise or some sport that you may wish to start or restart.

Hope this helps
Good luck
Naajiya Jaffery