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How to perform Istibra


Salaamunalikum. Can you explain How to perform Istibra. I have read in islamic laws of Ayoutullah Sistani but found it very difficult to understand. It will be really helpful. Thank You. May Allah Bless You


Salam Alaikum

Its good that you want to be aware of sharia law in private matters as well.

There can be two types of istabra.

One is to clear the urethra from semen (after janaba) and for it, simple urination would be enough.

The other one is after urination, its whole aim is to get remainder drops of urine from the urethra. So in order to do that, (if the anus is najis then purify it first then) place the middle finger of your left hand on the anus and press it to the roots of the testicles. Then put your thumb on the roots of the penis and the finger next to the thumb beneath the penis then press three times both fingers till the place where circumcision is done. Lastly, the head of it penis is also pressed three times.


Syed Asad Jamal Zaidi