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How to keep my sister away from a Non Muslim with whom she is in love.


My sister is in love with a guy from last three years who is a non Muslim.
We tried a lot to keep their relationship at stake but every time we fail.
She is well aged to get married but because of this relation she hasn’t got married yet.Every single time when we try to entangle her for marriage she refuses.
Pls advice.


Wa Alaikum al-salam

thanks for your question

First her relationship with him was wrong and Haram from the beginning (making her notice this might help leaving the relationship).

Second, in response to her affection you either have to accept it or reject for both situation. first step is to Make her understand religion doesn’t accept and approve such relationship (between Muslim woman and non-Muslim man), in order to do so you can show her the Qur’anic verses and narrations like 4:141 “… and Allah will never provide the faithless any way [to prevail] over the faithful.” etc.

So if the feeling is mutual that guy must convert to Islam if they want to get married, also that could be a good proof for his feelings toward her. If he converted and practiced Islam for some time, then there is no problem in their marriage, of course the girl needs her father’s permission for marriage.

May Allah swt guide us to the best.


Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi