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Get rid of shaitan


My wife and I ware happily married for more than a year now but few months ago suddenly my wife woke up screaming and she was even more scared after seeing my face. According to her she saw a devil like person not me which have dark face red eyes in a word it was ugly. I didn’t pay much attention back then but now it is occuring more frequently. Besides she is not acting normal like she become angry at me for simple reasons and her anger was far more worse then before. She tells a lot of hate speach when she become angry and after few minutes when she become normal she says sorry.
I don’t know what causing this. I love her and want her as my partner in earh as well as after life. Please can you tell me what’s causing it and how to get rid of it.


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question

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It can be true that she had A nightmare , but then that should be treated as a one time thing. If she sees repeated like dreams, it doesn’t mean she is going through some sort of serious unknown issues. Rather, it is her imagination that keeps relaying in her dream. We often dream of things that we often think of or go through.
Hence you may want to treat it this way.

To assure her and help her, you must keep her busy so that she doesn’t find the time to think of Such things. Gradually things will become better and then All forgotten InshaAllah.

Please recite the Ayahs and duas mentioned in the link above.
InshaAllah all Goes well

Kind regards,