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How to get rid of depression and anger


Assalamu alaykum, i have been suffering from depressions and anxiety and anger issues due to the fact that my past was mostly encountered through many obstacles ,such an impact on negativity feeling and family issues. a person had impacted my life and i have been suffering with horrific memories which is engraved in my heart and pain kept on going for a longer period of time over the years . i have taken depression pills ,i have no one to talk to so i speak with allah most of the time.and yet i can’t find peace nor ease in my heart. no matter what i tried to overcome or pray i still keep getting depressed most of the time. i lack social activities and socializing to anyone family friends etc. i always wanted to follow god and be a helpful person .i lost faith in people now. and family. what should i do to overcome such situation. and where do i go from this.


Waalykum salam 

Sorry to hear about your past experiences.
Loneliness is a slow poison and you must solve this for yourself and you shall see the difference.
I would suggest you look into the following:
1- make sure you’re spending some quality sahar time (the time before fajr) with Allah (swt). I know you mentioned you speak to HIM all the time, but that time is something else.
2- engage yourself in some physical activity, take up a sport that you would enjoy and or exercise to get some oxygen pumped in. This will really liven up your spirits and you will be able to perform better because a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.
3- get engaged in social work if that helps. There is no joy like attending to children with special needs, orphans, elderly people in homes, sick people etc
The happiness and tranquility that follows is beyond words, and it also makes one realize that how fortunate s/he is to have health, parents, etc etc
4- Read. Reading will help you drift away to lands that are far from reach in the physical world. Select a few books of your choice and get engrossed into them. Seeking knowledge always makes a person feel young and fresh.
5- avoid being alone. Try and be in company or public areas. At times loneliness and lonely mind is the web center of satan! And it just keeps on adding in to your anxiety and depression
I hope you’re able to follow the above and feel better soon
In my prayers
Naajiya Jaffery