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how to get rid of depression and anger


Aasalamuaalikum From last eight months i dont know wht’s happening
I got frustrated each and everything comes up in my mind that i had done from childhood even the streets i had passed through everything flashbacks n my mind could’t bear it anymore my head is so heavy feels like that i will faint
I was praying and everything was normal before that and than after praying i starts thinking i am better any anyone but i really don’t want to think that so i stop praying
But i made dua to Allah each and every day but i didn’t get any response i was so disturbed and i didn’t even feel God i didnt feel anything as if i was a dead person i was so depressed ..i thought it will pass but it didn’t and when i made dua i cry an ocean of tears and then suddenly i start smiling as if i am fake and i wonder y i am doing this i dont want to do this or may be i have lost my emotions  i don’t know plz pray for me ..why Allah is not answering my call is he angry with me and y eveything is flashbackng in my mind even the shops i used to buy things roads each and everything and sometimes i felt so much pain in the middle of my shoulder blades as if i am hitting by a knail
I forgot everything about prophet muhammad s.a.w. about Allah n even my close ones after talking to them i start thinking they are not them n even naauzi bilah i sometimes think is God really there but i continued to trust him i dont know whats happening  as if i lost memory i dont know whats happening .plz make dua fr me and sometimes my heartbeat is normal sometimes i Don’t feel anything sometimes it beats fast whats happening with me can you please tell me


Alikum Salam

Please refer to the following link for your Answer: how to get rid of depression and anger

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