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how to do Sajda e shukr


After every prayer we do sajda e shukr. Pls guide as to what should I say in sajda e shukr. I normally say “shukr Allah” three times and then turn my head right side and say “ya lateefo” three times and the turn my head left and say “ Al Aafoo” three times. Is it the right practise or  shall I amend it. Regards


Salaamun alaykum
Thank you for your question
We do sajda shukr to thank Allah (swt) for all his blessings and ask Him to always help us especially in keeping away from sins.
So any dhikr can be recited in Sajda shukr but there are many dhikrs mentioned in the ahadith:
1- you can say شکر شکر or عفوا عفوا a hundred times.
2-you can say شکر لله three times
3- you can say شکر للهhundred times after maghrib namaz and حمدا لله hundred times after asr namaz
4- the following dhikr can also be recited:
اَسْألُک الرّاحَةَ عِنْدَ الْمَوتِ وَ الْعَفْوَ عِندَ الْحِسابِ

Zahra Davdani.