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How to develop more sabr and get closer to Allah


I have 4 questions: 1) How can I develop more Sabr? 2) How can I get closer to Allah? 3) How can I control my anger? 4) How can I refrain from evil deeds?


Thank you for your question. 

Although all of these questions deserve detailed and personalised answers there is a common factor that underlies the answer to all of them. That is that in order to develop patience, get closer to Allah, control your anger and refrain from evil deeds is to concentrate on the battle of the self between the intellect and the illegitimate wants of the commanding self. As that battle is won a person’s heart becomes enlightened with increased faith which will make you feel closer to God. 

Realising that tests are part of life, a means to reach His closeness and a key factor in the battle of the self, will help you to deal with them better. The illumination in the heart is what is meant by closeness to God. Controlling your anger is part of controlling yourself and refraining from evil deeds starts with refining the soul.

May you always be successful.
Zohair Ali.