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Brother in Law Staying With Us


I came to Dubai few years ago with my husband. Here we stay in a small house where my brother in law also stay with us. I kept quiet thinking he go back (to another country) to his family very soon. But nothing happened. Very recently my husband and I had a dispute regarding brother in law husband said his brother is important and wanted me and my 3 kids go back (to my country). I was very much upset wen he spoke like his brother is important to him. He didn’t feel anything about making his brother to stay with me alone. Plz help me what should I do now?


Waalykum.salam sister..

Sorry to hear about your situation.

I definitely agree that it’s hard to live with a na mahram under one roof. I will suggest the following to put a rest to the issue:

1) Make sure your communication, and the tone you use to speak to him should be polite and respectful. This is a sensitive issue and needs to be tackled that way. Harsh language can only escalate the matter further.

2) Sounds like your brother in law is in Dubai for a purpose. Do some ground work and see how you can help him with his aim and also try and see if there are other living arrangements that can be made for him. Kindly put forward the option for your husband to look into.

3) Please speak to an adult, counsellor, or an Aalim to help you both out. Someone who will explain and adress both your concerns.

4) Prayers. Pray a lot for your’s success. Pray he finds a good job and a good house to move into inshaAllah. Allah wil bless both I.e. him and you altogether.

I hope this was practical..

Kind regards,