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How to deal with emotionally abusive mother


Assalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahu wa Barakatuhu. All my life it has been a struggle because of my mother. She had experienced hard times because my father did not treat her well. But I do not believe that it gives her the right to treat her children poorly. I have been emotionally abused throughout my life and I have been beaten as a child. She believed that men are of a high status than women so like the traditional thinking, the women have to do all the chores. But because I expressed my thoughts that my siblings should also clean up and help she verbally abused me and this has been happening throughout my whole life. She forced me to study what she wanted and also forced me to change my job. I changed my job because she said I will be punished my Allah if I do not obey her. I am currently in a job where I do not like and currently studying something that I have no interest of because if I don’t, she uses religion as her tool and makes me feel guilty. I am trapped and I just want to get out but I have no way of doing so. Please note that I have tried to be polite and do my best but I lose my temper and I am having anger issues now. She is treating my younger sister like she did with me before and I can’t even help her which breaks my heart. I just want an advice for this because my mother thinks no body is right, expect her. She won’t listen to anybody and she just stays in her ways. She likes to guilt trap me into doing things her way so I am lost and feeling helpless and I know no one can help me accept Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.


Walikum salam

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