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Dua For Curbing Anger


i need a dua to reduce my anger and also to just keep myself quiet whatever other people say to me i just want to have patience on everything.



I know this would not explain it all…However just wanted to mention something..You waited for this patiently waited for it…and as it’s displayed to will feel at ease..

Similarly..developing a forgiving attitude can change alot of things in your life..Yes…there might be a few things that take its toll..and you just cant take it anymore…but if u take things calmly and handle it with a cool can make things a lot easier..You might end up saying things that leaves one with nothing but regrets…Thats why we have a saying by Imam Ali that says do not make any decisions when in anger…

If you have faith in the Almighty…and know He is well aware of your situation..You’ll definitley feel its magic…

And the most effective doa to cure ones anger is a’udhu billahi minashaytanir rajim..

Infact if one’s angry he should change his posture… If he’s standing he should sit down..and if one’s sitting he should lie down..

Hasina Dhalla