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How to control sexual desire


How to control sexual desire?


Assalamu Alaykum
Thank you for your Question

You must first acknowledge that’s it’s a natural desire that needs to be met to.
Hence, if you are of the age then you definitely need to consider marriage.

Other than that, it usually comes as a very powerful energy. Therefore, if you use of the energy in a sport skill, or anything that helps you drain off the extra energy, it can help the situation.

Another thing would be to keep busy. Always be among people and never stay alone. Go to bed when you’re comepletely ready to sleep and will not be awake wondering off in thoughts.

Another help tip would be to make dua and speak plenty to Allah (az). Know that there is no place that is in hiding from Him. Hence, you want to guide this desire rather than it taking over you.

InshaAllah all goes well