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Compensation of Other’s Right


I have paid some money to improve my grades ,so that i can get my admission in top ranked university . And now i have heard that Allah will not forgive sin of taking the right of other . Now i want repent for the sin .

Is there any Solution . How can i pay the right of somebody . If i dont know whose seat (right of taking admission in place of me) i have taken .


Alaykum Salaam

If you have usurped someone’s seat then you must seek God’s forgiveness
and also withdraw your name so that they can have what was their right.

If you don’t know who they are, you can talk to the university and ask if
they had a waiting list in case you withdrew.

If all efforts to locate a specific recipient of the usurped place do not
yield any result then you must pay an amount as Radde Mazalim.

Yours sincerely

Abbas Jaffer