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How should I take care of my old parents?


Aslam o alaikum, I am a married man living with my parents who are quite old and sick enough even that they can not take care of their basic household like cooking, washing and other housing chores My wife is demanding a separate house to live and she is not willing to live with and take care of my parents. I know as per sharia i can not force her to live and take household care of my parents. Fine.
Now please let me know if i move out of my parents house with my family and children, who is then supposed to take care of my parents in the above manner as definitely i will be working to meet the needs of life and can not become available to do the above duties?.
( Before answering please bear in mind that i am in no financial circumstances so as to employ some nanny or servant to take care of my parents, even we ourselves will be moving to a rented house).


Al-Salam Alaykum

first, you must provide your wife a house but  it doesn’t mean it can not be your parents house; if it is suitable for your wife’s social status. i am mentioning this if she told you and made this as a condition in your marriage. However, you can not force her to live in the same house with your parents.

Many a times, in marital life, talking with good tongue would change her mind. Try to talk to her with respect and gain her trust and love for your parent. Also mention to her the reward for taking care of parents and elder. Remind her, you also going down this path and everybody would need the care and love of their children later. your children would keep these days in their mind. see how it goes..

If the above solution isn’t working then  maybe you can look for a rented house close to your parents house so that you’re easily available for them and carry out your duty towards them.


best regards!
AAA under the guidance of Sayyid Madani