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How many letters and words are in sura at-taubah


Assalam o Alaikum !

I just wanna know how many words and letters are in surah at taubah.
I searched on internet but got many different answers but plz guide me right…shukriyah


Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your question

I don’t know why it is really required to know the exact number of words and letters of Surah Tawbah.

At one place it says Surah Tawbah has 5169 words and  22679 characters

And at another place, it says 2498 words:

Like there is a discussion and difference in counting the verses of the Holy Quran, the famous opinion is that Holy Qur’an has 6236 verses. The source of the difference in the verses is some do not count the repeated verses in the whole count whereas the other group counts the repetition of verses separately.

So, the method of calculating the verses differs as some do not count the repetitive verses. The same could be the reason in Surah Tawbah as some may not count the repetitive words. It goes the same for the characters as well. As some may count the Idgham letters separately and some may not count the repetitive characters in it.

If it is really needed then you can count yourself which would take few hours but I would recommend you to read the Surah and the translation which is more beneficial than counting the words and characters, which can be counted by anyone by spending few hours on it. Reading the surah, the translation and eventually implementing it in our lives is worth more than counting the words on any Surah.

You can use the following sites for English translations: or

Allah knows the best

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider